Patronising Fashion Show Sponsors, Tantrums and Getting Fired

I’ve been sacked.

By my cleaner.


Actually sacked, by my cleaner.

This is all the more irritating because I was  really, really nice to her. I was also extremely accommodating, for me…

But then this;

Tuesday by text

9.45am (she is supposed to start at 10am)

Her; ‘Hello, I cannot come until 12 today’.

Me; ‘Fine, no worries x’

12.30pm Her; ‘Hello, I won’t be there until 2pm’

Me; ‘OK sure x’

3pm Her; ‘Hello, I can’t come until 5pm’

Me: ‘I will be giving my daughter her tea then’

Her; ‘Well I’m really busy’

Me; ‘OK. I’ll take my daughter out for her tea to give you space to clean’

We return home at 7pm. The house has not been cleaned. There is no sign of the cleaners at all in fact. But there is this text from her;

‘I suggest you get someone else to clean your house. Thanks for all your help xxx’


There are 2 things that do my head in here:

1. Getting fired for actually being really nice and accommodating

2. The aggressive comment signed off with a passive comment. I hate this sort of shit. Behave like an arse then make yourself feel better by finishing it off with humbleness.

Now where the fuck is my duster…

freddie mercury

Then when I’m in the middle of cleaning I get this sent to me

‘MOMS STRUT THEIR STUFF: For the third year in a row, moms will take over the runways during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in a show designed to empower women. Called “Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show,” it will feature models who are all moms, in many shapes and sizes, showing styles currently in stores. The runway show takes place Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. at the The Stage at Lincoln Center’.

And there it is at the bottom. The words that send me right back off on one

‘Sponsored by Whirlpool’.

Sponsored by Whirlpool

Do you get it?

It’s a fashion show with Mums in it.

Whirpool make kitchen appliances.

Mums are supposed to be in the kitchen a lot.

Whirpool also make washing machines.

Mums use washing machines.

A lot.

So the sponsor is Whirlpool.


Clever non?

Because, god forbid this fashion show to ‘empower women’ permits them to forget the amount of puke stained baby grows accumulating at home in their laundry baskets.

Now, no doubt due to this excellent sponsorship tie in, when Mums are in Dixons they will automatically think ‘Not Bosch, nor Zanussi, no.  I remember that really great fashion show,  the one with ‘Moms’ in it, the one that really empowered me. I must go and buy a Whirlpool. Now where are my uppers?’


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11 Responses to Patronising Fashion Show Sponsors, Tantrums and Getting Fired

  1. That really makes me fizz with anger. Like that fucking P&G advert “sponsored by Mums” yes, because we make every purchasing decision based on whether we have used our uterus or not. FFS.

  2. Hayley Southwood says:

    Loved it !!!

    Sent from my iPad

  3. You see, here is the thing. You are too accommodating with your cleaners. Clearly you are not born to be a chatelaine ? Who is the boss ? They are ten a tenner anywhere, foreign ones are better cleaners. Advice: you must change your attitude to win in this game of clean…..why employ a dog and bark yourself ?

  4. Niki Schafer says:

    A modern interpretation of 2CK advertising. Never gonna change…

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